Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mommy Dearest

After 20 years of being a single mom of six children - my sweet mother has found the man of her dreams. They will become official on August 9th.
She spent the last week with me and we had a lot of fun...she took the kids to the lake nearly every day, held the babies, fed the babies, washed and cleaned, and entertained the big kids. WHEW! Thank you SO much! I was so sad to see her go today. But I'm looking forward to attending her wedding and reception next month.
She's going to spend the next year in a very remote village in Alaska with David. It's a little strange to think that she won't be close enough to visit and call whenever we want. But I'm really excited for her to have this adventure. We tease her about having shopping withdrawals and such - but I hope she and David have a great time.
Lots of love to you Mom and David!


The Blaisdell Family said...

That's exciting!! Congrats to your mom. I'm sure they will have a great time in Alaska!

Stacey said...

What an adventure for you mom! To survive raising six kids singlehandedly! (Not that you were bad, M! lol) Finding love and doing things that were once only dreams is wonderful. Congrats!


Kristi said...

How exciting! What a great picture. Talk about quality time together in Alaska. They should know each other pretty well by the end of the adventure. :) 20 years single with 6!

Camille said...

Congratulations! Weddings are so exciting. You have a great mom.

The Sharp Family said...

Your mommy looks so happy! Tell her congrats! She deserves all the happiness!!!!