Monday, July 28, 2008

Asleep at the Sill

The kids were SO tired tonight...they didn't get naps and threw a fit at bedtime. About 10 minutes after Bronwyn was put to bed screaming Tony opened the door to find her sound asleep like this:
Somehow she opened the window and my best guess would be that she was crying out into the street to anyone who would neighboors had to love that!
Sweet dreams my girl!


Stacey said...

Poor Girl!! Sometimes you just want people to listen... and get you out of having to go to bed. Bron is such a sweetie, I would have rescued her! lol


Connie said...

Oooohmy, little miss pink asleep on the sill! How absolutely darling, sweet hot chocolate mom!!
Smoochies to the kids,

ahalversen (DBA) said...

That is too fun! Isn't it funny how they can be screaming their heads off one minute and the next so calm and serene? You would never think looking at those pictures that she would have been throwing a fit!

Your babies are absolutely beautiful BTW. I hope you are surviving! Just remember to keep blogging so you can look back and remember the good parts! I didn't get my blog until my twins were almost 3 and it's hard to remember all of the fun little moments when they were babies. All I can remember is being in 'survival mode' and when I look back it's all sort of hazy and fog-like! I'm praying for you though and you seem to be holding up really well. I admire you a LOT!

The Sharp Family said...

Collin and I had a good laugh over those pictures!! Too funny. Any complaints from the neighbors? haha
The babies are sooo cute! I WILL get over there to see them. Hope you are doing well. Not sure how you do it. Supermom

Kristi said...

That is way too cute. It almost looks like she is trying to get fresh air too sleeping so close to the open part of the window. Love it!

Holly said...

She is so sweet I love her so much. She told me yesterday she was going to sing me a song...Her little voice is so sweet.

Camille said...

That's funny. Looks like she's desperate for fresh air.