Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Julius!

We celebrated Julius's SIXTH Birthday last week. What a day! He requested a Godzilla theme this year (he's a fan). This is what we used for the invitations: Godzilla gifts are hard to come by...I've gotta thank Amazon and Ebay. Julius loves the old 60's versions of Godzilla (we rent them from Netflix). But his favorite so far is Godzilla - Final Wars released in 2005 because it has loads of Godzilla characters in it. So I ordered that, and the Matthew Broderick Godzilla. I also found a great Godzilla: 50th Anniversary Soundtrack that we used during his party. We let him open one present before school - so he could wear it on his special day.
And then he got to open this one during his party:
During his partywe had lunch: grilled burgers and hotdogs, chips, and cut fresh fruit. We drank a yummy orange (his favorite color) punch. After lunch we played a few games such as Godzilla stomp and Don't drop the Godzilla egg.

Then we had the cake...made by me. Obviously. It looked terrible. But it tasted pretty good. It was orange colored and flavored inside with caramel between the layers.

After the cake the kids played outside on the trampoline and bikes for awhile and then they took turns swinging at the pinata. The pinata was homemade this children were enthralled with the process. We made it into a Godzilla egg and filled it with candy, dinosaurs, and toys.

After the pinata we went inside for presents.

Then the kids went home.

Then I crashed. So, so tired. Still am.

But, it was a great birthday...I love our Julius so much!

9 and 10 months

Henry and Hudson were 9 months in March...I wasn't as good about getting their monthly pictures the last two months...this is them at a little more than 9 months. At this point Henry was army crawling all over and Hudson was still just rolling to get around. Hudson

And here they are at 10 months...Henry is crawling on his hands and knees and pulling himself up on everything. Hudson is army crawling and does this hilarious pushup stance. They are eating table food now and using a sippy cup.

Hudson Henry
We took them to a great park and put them together in the bucket swing...I thought they would be scared - Henry was a little freaked out at first but he enjoyed it after that. Hudson loved every minute of it!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm finally ready to tell about Easter...We dyed eggs on Friday. We all had a fun time. Henry and Hudson wanted in on the action so we gave each of them a plastic egg to play with - every time Henry dropped his on the floor he would was hilarious! We pulled out the video camera and got it recorded. The older kids handled the egg dying like pros this year...they looked so pretty. Sunday morning they helped me peel the eggs for potato salad. The peeling didn't go quite so well. Several eggs were peeled right down to the yolk! We'll have to practice that one some other time.
Here is Bronwyn - yes, she's still wearing pj's (boys pj's) at 4:00pm. That's how our days go around here sometimes....actually a lot of the time. Here is Braeden showing off one of his many green eggs. Julius was all about orange...surprise, surprise!And here is Henry - he had been crying because he wanted an egg so badly...luckily the Easter bunny delivered one a little early for him to chew on.Hudson thoroughly enjoyed his plastic egg also....I fell through on the Easter outfits again this year...I did grab a new dress for Bronwyn at Costco...Henry and Hudson wore something pretty new. Braeden wore his Easter shirt and vest for the third Easter in a row (that was a good investment!) I'm not sure about Tony in this picture...any guesses?Getting ready for the Easter egg hunt after church.JuliusBraeden and BronwynJuliusBraedenBronwynThe spoils!