Wednesday, April 29, 2009

9 and 10 months

Henry and Hudson were 9 months in March...I wasn't as good about getting their monthly pictures the last two months...this is them at a little more than 9 months. At this point Henry was army crawling all over and Hudson was still just rolling to get around. Hudson

And here they are at 10 months...Henry is crawling on his hands and knees and pulling himself up on everything. Hudson is army crawling and does this hilarious pushup stance. They are eating table food now and using a sippy cup.

Hudson Henry
We took them to a great park and put them together in the bucket swing...I thought they would be scared - Henry was a little freaked out at first but he enjoyed it after that. Hudson loved every minute of it!


Kristi M. said...

Your kids are so incredibly cute! i can't believe that an entire year has almost gone by.

Emily said...

I love that age! They are so cute!

Amber H. said...

Holy smokes Mandy! When did your twins get so old? I'm totally still thinking of them as tiny newborn babies! They are SO cute as always! And I just wanted to say thanks for the comments you have left on my photo blog. I really appreciate your thoughts!

mom2kylonna said...

I want to kiss their little cheeks right off!!! Seriously, you have some handsome boys there! I'm sure they will be walking be the time I see them in July!!