Monday, May 18, 2009

11 Months

Can you believe it?!?Hudson and Henry are 11 months old today. Unbelievable.
What a lucky family we are...They are both standing now - but neither one is walking. Henry is getting close. Hudson still army crawls to get around. Henry has the crawling thing down pat. We've had to do some serious babyproofing around here. They also LOVE to eat - not baby food but real food. I just feed them whatever we're eating. Sometimes from a spoon - but they prefer to feed themselves with their hands. I don't mind the mess at all...but I can't say the same for my kitchen floor!Now that Henry and Hudson are moving and cruising the older kids really enjoy spending time hanging out in the babies room playing. They are constantly asking "Mom, are the babies sleeping or playing?" I even catch them hiding the babies in their own rooms to play.This is Hudson. He is hilarious! He recently learned to clap. I say "yay"- he claps. And grins...not just any old grin - it stretches from ear to ear. It makes me smile everytime.
He just learned to pull himself up to standing during the last week so he got lots of "YAYS" and lots of clapping. What a big boy! And Henry. Oh, Henry! Bender. Hender Bender. He is so darn cute with his new top teeth.
Be still my heart...
He does this thing when he's excited to see me he squeezes his eyes shut, shows his teeth, and breathes in and out of his nose really quickly. It works. I pick him up EVERY time.
What a love!
I'm coming out of the fog....the first year is a cloudy one with twins. Lots of joy, but so much work that my mind doesn't register much of reality. The fog is lifting.
We're looking forward to a magnificent summer ahead.
Happy 11 months babies!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009


The gals at Fabulessly Frugal are hosting a giveaway from an amazing photographer - Shandy Vogt. Here is a link to the giveaway and here is a link to Shandy's blog. Check it out!