Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So July has been the month of Harry Potter for our family. Julius saw the trailer for "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" and we never heard the end of it. So I rented the previous movies from Netflix trying to appease him...Well, we had fun watching them but he was still determined to see the new movie. I promised him that when we went to stay at Grammy's house we would go see it.

Bronwyn, Braeden, and Julius - Harry Potter-ites
We went to the matinee on the 24th of July in Rexburg with Aunt Holly and Aunt Gina. I thought the movie was awesome! However, all of the kiddos fell asleep - that's what I get for taking them to a matinee. They saw enough to get really excited about Harry Potter though!


Julius's sword is now a wand and Brady and Bronwyn find whatever is handy and call it a wand also. They have been running around yelling "Expecto Patronum!" It is hilarious! Today they attacked my weed garden and cast numerous spells with their wands.

Jay, Gina, Holly and Calli - July 21st, 2007.

The final Harry Potter book came out while we were at reunion. Gina took Calli and Devri to Barnes and Nobel that morning and they bought 4 copies. Needless to say reunion turned into a Harry Potter read-a-thon. Jay was determined to finish it before he entered the MTC on Wednesday. After Gina was through with her copy she let me borrow it. I finished it on Sunday while I stayed home from church with sick kids. It was a great read! But I didn't cry as Gina assured me I would...

Last Day of July...

Today we drove down to the gas station for a Diet Pepsi refill for me and Ring Pops for the kids. When we got home and climbed out of the van we saw a big dragonfly just hanging out in the driveway. The kids were SO excited! .

Julius insisted that we take some pictures and so I grabbed the camera. While I was snapping pictures the dragonfly flew up and landed on my hand. The kids thought this was great! They took turns touching the delicate wings

Family Reunion

Our Little Family Reunion was held at the 7N Ranch near Heise Hot Springs. We had a great time camping in a big grassy area where the kids could run around and have fun. It was super hot - upper 90's to 100's! This picture is of Mom, Kayla and Aunt Bev finishing the last of the Dutch Oven dessert I made - Chocolate Turtle Cake.
This is some of the cousins listening to me read them bedtime stories. (this only happened the first night!)

Here are the boys - Brady and Julius - enthralled by the camp fire. It was really hard to get them to sleep at night and I had to hold each of them in turn until they fell asleep and then carry them to their sleeping bags in the tent.

Granny Julie took the kids for a ride in Uncle Doug's wheelchair. Then she sang them a song: "go to sleep, go to sleep..." It almost worked! We went to Rigby lake twice while we were there. They added some new sand and the water was warmer than I remember it. I think I had as much fun as the kids did!

Here's Tony reading while he pumps more air in to our mattress! What a great guy!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Oh, Beautiful....

We celebrated the 4th by going to the parade in Melba with our good friends Holli and Darin. It was super HOT but we had a good time.
I dressed the kiddo's in matching Red, White and Blue and Bronwyn wore cute red bows in her hair.
Someone handed out these fun pinwheels before the parade started...it kept the kids entertained for ahile.

Kaisley and Bronwyn with their festive hair bows.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hot Fun in the SUMMERTIME!

So it's really hot today... the kids are having a great time playing in the little blow up pool that Grammy got for them. Julius torments the twins with the hose...Brady really hates to get sprayed. I cut the boys hair today FINALLY! I'll have to include a before picture of their shaggy mops. Getting really excited about the 4th of July tomorrow... need to buy some fireworks tonight. Can't wait to get the kids all dressed up in Red, White and Blue and take some cute pictures.

Monday, July 2, 2007


I've been tagged by Heidi so here you go:


Hotel Maid (West Yellowstone)
Waitress (Gus' Diner- West Yellowstone)
Seamstress (Ultimate Direction)
Food Service (Madison Memorial Hospital - Cafeteria)
Custodian (Ricks College)
Custodian (Madison School District/Middle School)
Photo Lab (Artco)
Food Service (Hospital in Logan)
Business Manager (Girl Scout Camp)
Telemarketer (Convergys)
Customer Service (For Every Body - Provo Mall)
Personal Care Attendant
Teriaki Stix
Massage Therapist (Body Sage - Jackson, WY)
Massage Therapist (Body Essence - Boise)
Customer Service ( Boise State Bookstore)
Massage Therapist (All About You - Boise)
Respiratory Care Practitioner ( St. Luke's - Boise)
Stay At Home Mom - Nampa, ID


Childhood Favs:
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Annie, Willow, ET, Mary Poppins, Pete's Dragon, The Man from Snowy River

Chick Flicks:
Anne of Green Gables, Dead Poets Society, The Man in the Moon, Cutting Edge, The River Wild, A League of Their Own, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mean Girls, Pride and Prejudice, Hitch, Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Family Stone, Music and Lyrics, The Holiday

Random Others:
Forrest Gump, Remember the Titans, O Brother Where Art Thou, Love and Basketball, It's a Wonderful Life, The Color Purple, 50 First Dates

Rexburg, Idaho
West Yellowstone, MT
Logan, UT
Provo, UT
Jackson, WY
Boise, ID
Nampa, ID


Italy and Africa

PLACES I HAVE VISITED: (I haven't been out of the US so I'm changing this to States I have visited...not including layovers)

Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Kentucky


24 andPrison Break - also I'm dying to start watching Hero's


Red Robin, Applebee's, Johnny Carino's, PF Changs, Fudruckers


ebay, Hotmail, US Bank, YouTube, mapquest, Netflix, Old Navy, Target, Lane Bryant, IKEA


Let's see... Amber, and Cindy - I'd love to tag some family members but Heidi is the only one with a blog!