Monday, September 29, 2008

Our House

Since my mom is so far away - this post is for her. I wanted to show her around our new home...
The front
As you walk in
The living room
view of living room from the kitchen
hallway leading to babies room, Bronwyn's room, bathroom, and 2 closets
Julius and Brady's room - right off of the living roomKitchendoors leading to backyard and patiominiature rock stars - (came with the house)skylight in the that! I also love the double oven with the glass stove top Outside patio
Yard, shed and garden (behind the little fence)
Another garden spot
our back neighboor has about 15 horses
we like to peek over the fence and watch them
Julius even got to pet one! Bronwyn's room was already painted pink and yellow - with butterflies and flowers (bedspread was in the washer)
Bronwyn's closet
Julius's side of his and Brady's room...yes, I let him hang his school work up on the wall...I need to get a corkboard for him....
Braeden's side of the room
Their closet - love the shelves in the closets in this house!
Babies room...hadn't unpacked it yet...will take another pic soon
View from living room/kitchen to hallway leading to laundry room, master bedroom, and family room
Laundry room and door leading to garagelooking into the family room from the hall - we set up this little desk for Julius to do his homework and coloringlove the shelves in here too! the desk - haven't set up a couch yet...
Master bedroom is still not here's a picture of the shower - it has a shower head on each side...I love to turn one to hot and one to cold...ahhhh!

And it's all on ONE level....YAY, YAY, YAY!!!

Just wanted to share some of my favorite pics from this month.

Hudson and Henry

Hudson and HenryHenryHenryHenry and HudsonHenry and HudsonJulius, Me, Hudson and BraedenJulius and HenryTony with Hudson and HenryLast night in the wagon - Julius, Braeden, Bronwyn and Hudson (Henry was sleeping)


Shortly after we moved one of my dearest friends brought me a bushel of peaches from our church orchard. I knew that I wouldn't be up to canning them so I had to figure out how to make sure I used them all before they went bad. I made lots of peach smoothies, peach crisp, I cut them up on my cereal, oatmeal and cream of wheat. I also blanched, peeled, cut and froze a bunch of them (smoothies all winter!). With the ones that were left I decided to tackle one of the goals on my list...homemade pie and crust. I researched it online a bit and I must admit it turned out so well. The crust didn't look beautiful but it was thin and flaky - nearly perfect! The filling was great also. The next week I made chicken pot pie and I wasn't quite as successful with the crust but it turned out pretty darn good also. So..YAY I made a peach pie from scratch!

Heath's Birthday

My brother Heath's birthday was on the 10th of this month. We had his family over for dinner. My sister's Holly and Gina came also.
Happy Birthday Heath!
Heath with Bronwyn (my girl) and Melissa with their sons Truman and Grant

Grant, Julius and Braeden - LOVE this picture!

Henry and Hudson - 3 Months

Henry - HudsonHudson Hudson - I love this picture - it really shows his personality. He is squirmy and fussy - but he loves to smile and flirt (which totally makes up for the fussing and squirming)
Henry - Didn't get a good close up of Henry this time - but I did get some a few days later. I'll show them in another post.
Braeden and Hudson with Bronwyn and Henry
I can't believe I didn't think of taking this picture sooner...I looked at them sitting there and I said to myself "wow...TWO sets..." Gotta love them!