Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lost tooth

This tooth appeared on the scene when Julius was 4 months old...He made the most of it for almost exactly 6 years. It made it's way through nearly 500 apples in that time - core and all. What a tooth!

He's gonna miss this one!

Summer Fun!

I didn't get much blogging done this summer....too much going on. Here are a few pictures from my friends Taren and Holli while we enjoyed a hot day at the local splash park: Henry

Henry and Hudson

Braeden and Bronwyn

His first day of 1st Grade

My sweet Julius! He was so excited for his first day back at school. I thought I would cry....I didn't. I packed him a special lunch and made him a fun breakfast and waved goodbye. He came home super tired and without his new lunchbox....but thrilled as could be that school is once again in session. I sure do miss him though!