Thursday, November 27, 2008


First off I'm thankful for Family Fun - we had a great activity this morning...

I've been feeling a lot of gratitude for my sweet partner in crime...Tony - Thank you! What a lucky lady I am to have such a great guy in my life. He is thoughtful, kind, funny (he even laughs at my jokes too - gotta love that), he wants to do what's right, he listens, he's a great dad...I could go on and on...but I've gotta save time to make the rolls this morning.
And our CHILDREN. WOW. Could I ask for anything more?
That leads me to the big one. I'm am so blessed to have the Gospel in my life. I'm thankful for trials and adversity, repentance and forgiveness, and especially for HOPE and FAITH.
I can't leave out my Sisters in Zion....If you're wondering if that's is!
Thank YOU!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I've just discovered a new blog that I'm really enjoying and I thought I'd share. It's called Bossy! . It's written by 5 sister's I love it because they are so down to earth, funny, and inspirational. I've just started to check out each of their individual blogs and I'm enjoying those also...So if you want a new blog to read ( I know, I know....) then check them out! (BTW - I have no idea who these ladies are...just followed a link on my SIL's SIL's blog.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nothing new to post

I'm just tired....wonder why???

dishes to wash

clothing to fold

beds to make

bathrooms to clean

floor to mop

vaccum to fix

hair to comb

kids to dress

bottles to prepare

noses to wipe

diapers to change

bills to pay

meals to create

homework to help

medicine to administer

pumpkins to toss

leaves to rake

office to organize

shower to take

blog to update - check!

just want to curl up in a chair and read a good book, drink a large diet pepsi, and finish off the night with a relaxing game of scrabble....

i'd better get busy

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes we can...yes we can...yes we DID!
My heart is so full of emotion....I don't think I can really express how I feel - yet. What a wonderful historic incredible event for me, my dear husband and my 5 children to be a part of.
Yes, my sons and daughter, you can be anything you want to be!

I voted!

I got up early and waited in line for 30 minutes....not bad, eh? So excited for today.
The kids and I are going to have an Election Day party....we'll make flags, watch the results come in and eat yummy food...
What a great feeling to be part of this historic day!

If you haven't yet...GO VOTE!!!