Monday, May 28, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

LET'S GO YANKEES! (clap...clap...clap,clap,clap)

Tony and I drove to Seattle to celebrate his birthday and Mother's Day. We had a great time! We ate Thai food and went to IKEA (twice), we drove around downtown Seattle and rode the ferry across Puget Sound, we ate at Ivar's seafood restaurant and last but not least... we went to the Yankee's Mariner's game on Saturday night. It was so much fun and we thought the people in Seattle were really friendly. A BIG thanks to Grammy for sacrificing her Mother's Day to stay with our kids and also to Aunt Gina and Aunt Holly for helping out too.

The game in motion...
Jeter - need I say more?

We were seated in section 139 in row 41... Great seats!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

When Julius is away...

Julius has been gone visiting Grammy this week... We have missed him so much - but it has given us a great chance to spend more time with Braeden and Bronwyn. Tony and I have really noticed their personalities during the last few days. They have been talking nonstop and playing together really well. I took this picture last night while they were watching a Tiger and Pooh teaser episode on Playhouse Disney. They must have watched it 12 times.
Julius is coming home today and we are all really excited to see him! I'm sure the twins are going to run around like crazy monkeys when he gets here...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nothing too exciting happening today. Holly and Sam stayed last night before going to Heath's today to help him remodel his bathroom. Brady and Julius have terrible colds and Bronwyn has a runny nose - so we just stayed home today and took it easy. Julius did talk me into playing hida and seek with him...he ALWAYS hides under Bronwyn's bed. It is so funny! I got him good today by hiding in the kids bathroom behind the shower curtain. It took him forever to find me. I had to keep laughing out loud for him to find me. Tonight when we prayed over dinner Brady blessed the stars (we had chicken and star soup). I also made Tony a sack lunch for work... He thought it was pretty cool because I don't do that very often. Here's the message he sent me from work:

"awesome the fruit drink"
"kudos to you...I came into training class and I told Mindy (the trainer) that before we get started, I had to tell the class that you know your spouse is cool when she packs a spider-man juice box and grapes in your lunch...she comes back and says your spouse is cool when she packs a lunch, period...the consensus was unanimous as tony and mindy hi-fived..."

I'll have to pack him a lunch more often I guess! I knew those spiderman juice boxes would come in handy when I saw them at walmart yesterday....I just didn't know that it would be Tony whose day it would make....