Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nothing too exciting happening today. Holly and Sam stayed last night before going to Heath's today to help him remodel his bathroom. Brady and Julius have terrible colds and Bronwyn has a runny nose - so we just stayed home today and took it easy. Julius did talk me into playing hida and seek with him...he ALWAYS hides under Bronwyn's bed. It is so funny! I got him good today by hiding in the kids bathroom behind the shower curtain. It took him forever to find me. I had to keep laughing out loud for him to find me. Tonight when we prayed over dinner Brady blessed the stars (we had chicken and star soup). I also made Tony a sack lunch for work... He thought it was pretty cool because I don't do that very often. Here's the message he sent me from work:

"awesome the fruit drink"
"kudos to you...I came into training class and I told Mindy (the trainer) that before we get started, I had to tell the class that you know your spouse is cool when she packs a spider-man juice box and grapes in your lunch...she comes back and says your spouse is cool when she packs a lunch, period...the consensus was unanimous as tony and mindy hi-fived..."

I'll have to pack him a lunch more often I guess! I knew those spiderman juice boxes would come in handy when I saw them at walmart yesterday....I just didn't know that it would be Tony whose day it would make....

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Camille said...

Oh my gosh Mandy, You should be a writter. I love your blog! Way cool about the juice boxes. Tony is either very secure about his manhood, or secretly wants to be spiderman. OR maybe both... haha! Cam