Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SCRABBLE - Could there be a better game?!?

So... I'm addicted to scrabble.... Every night I beg Tony to play with me - but last night HE actually was the one to suggest it! I was SO excited! We had the best game ever - Tony scored over 300 points... His best word was JUMP the J was on a double letter space and the P was on a triple word space. He gained 69 points! My best word for the night was EXCELLENT which was played on two different turns. It wasn't huge on points but it's one of the longest words I've made.
Here are our scores: Tony 306! Mandy 287
Not a bad night! Maybe after this awesome score Tony will want to play more often...
BTW...I just won NUMBLE on ebay. It's played like SCRABBLE but with numbers - you add, subtract, multiply and divide....It should be fun. I can't wait for it to arrive!
On Monday I watched my nephews Grant and Truman for a few hours. My kids had such a fun time playing with Grant and watching baby Truman. Julius was in heaven when I let him hold the baby and feed him. He did a really good job. He keeps pestering me about having another baby...the other day he started crying because he wants another brother and sister...How cute is that?! I told him Daddy and I will work on it...... ;-)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Breakfast of Champions!

This morning the kids found our left over popcorn from last night and thought it would make a great breakfast....I added some KIX and some Honey Smacks to the bowl and they chowed down. These pictures show them gathered in a circle around the bowl in the office. I must say it's the best I have ever seen them eat cereal...

Friday, September 7, 2007

A new favorite

Have you seen the new craze in scrapbooking!? Acrylic albums are a big thing on ebay right now so I thought I'd try my hand at one. I think it turned out so super cute!!!

I'll be listing this on ebay on the 17th. It's for a challenge that QPSA is having called CLEARLY YOURS. We're each making acrylic albums and hope that they sell really well.

Putting the kids to bed...

Some nights I try to be a good Momma and I gather the kids on Bronwyn's bed and read them stories. This was one of those nights. I love reading them stories - I like to be dramatic and I like it when they know the story so well that they say it along with me. Lately after we read and pray (disclaimer: I'm no super mom... this does not happen every night) they think its fun to snuggle under the covers together. They giggle and laugh and it's so darn cute that Tony and I really have a hard time stopping them. Pretty soon we're going to move Bronwyn out of this Queen bed and into a twin. It takes up her entire room! I purchased a white wood headboard at a garage sale earlier this summer for $5. Now we just have to get the bed to go with it... But for now they are sure having a great time on her bed. Notice our Kitty curled up on the corner.... she is so tolerant of the kids!They also play under the bed...I have it up on risers and underneath is their favorite "hide and go seek" spot. I say they because the twins hide wherever Julius hides. Tony and I know just where to find them when we hear their sweet giggles. I LOVE watching them play together... it brings back many happy memories of when I was growning up.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A couple of fun pictures...

We had company come this weekend because our nephew Truman was being blessed...Our house was full but we had a great time. Mom, Holly, Gina and I went to garage sales on Saturday morning... I spent 19.50 of my $20. I got some fun spiderman stuff for the boys and a really cute crocket *sp? game for all of them to use. This is Bronwyn and Braeden playing in all the blankets and pillows we had out after our visitors left this weekend.
This one is right after the kids got out of the pool on Tuesday. It's starting to get a little cooler so they didn't play too long. Obviously they were freezing afterwards!