Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Spring Break Vacation

We made a last minute decision to go to Oregon for spring break...I almost thought we wouldn't make it when the day before we were scheduled to leave I found myself seated in the pediatrician's office. Henry had ear/eye infection and he and Braeden were also so suffering from Influenza. We made a couple of trips to the pharmacy and decided we'd still leave on our vacation as planned. (I had to pack a separate bag just for the medications and nebulizer.)
We left about 8:45 Thursday morning and arrived at our hotel in Portland at 2:45. The babies traveled SO well - hardly any fussing at all! (I can't say the same for the big kids though...)
Our hotel had an indoor swimming pool which we tried to take advantage of each night.
On our first morning we woke up early and spent the day at the Oregon Zoo. It was rainy and cold - but there was so much to see!
The babies didn't see much except these penguins - they were enthralled!
This one was my favorite picture...Bronwyn and this primate just staring at each lasted quite awhile.
When we got back to the hotel that night we discovered that Hudson was sick too. Poor babies! We slept in the next morning and got a late start to Newport. But the drive was well worth it. The coastline is just gorgeous there. We didn't have time to get down to the water - but we did take a few pictures along the beachfront.

From the beach we headed to the Aquarium. This was a first for all of us - and it was amazing! Everyone's favorite was the jelly fish. There were teeny, tiny white ones and big colorful ones. There was even a petting section in the aquarium where the kids were able to feel a small shark, a ray, starfish, anenome, and clams. That was super cool. Towards the end we walked through "Passages of the Deep" where we found ourselves in tunnels with water above and below...and the water was full of sea life. We stayed a long time looking at the sharks.
The next morning we drove to Seaside. Tony and I had been there twice before and we knew the kids would love it. It was super cold and rainy so we stopped and let Julius ride the bumper cars with Tony and then I took the three big kids one the "Tilt-a-Whirl". It was hilarious. Brady was SO scared but he toughed it out and didn't cry one tear. Bronwyn and Julius were a little scared at first but quickly learned that screaming helped them overcome the scary feeling.
From there we headed down to the water. Ahhh. It was so cold and windy but we braved it and got our feet a little wet while Tony stayed far away with the babies.
Here the kids are chasing a seagull.

Brady burying his dolphin in the sand.

Braeden didn't appreciate that his mean mommy made him get his feet, so sorry Brady boy.

Bronwyn just got right in and enjoyed it.

After we cleaned the sand off we bought a kite, did a little shopping, rode the merry-go-round and then had lunch at one of our favorite seafood places...Norma's. We ended the day with a trip to Tillamook for ice cream cones.
Then next morning we packed up and left the hotel. We planned to make a quick stop at IKEA before heading home. Well, no trip to IKEA is quick...I LOVE that store! We didn't get out of there until 2:30 - by that time every spare inch of space in our van was stuffed full.
We made it back home late that night and have had a nice quiet week. I think everyone is on the mend from their sicknesses...and we're already planning our next trip to IKEA, whoops! I mean Oregon...we made some great memories and had fun spending so much time together.


Holly said...

Looks like lots of fun..I've been checking your blog everyday for pictures of your trip!! Glad you guys got to go. Love ya

Connie said...

Well, you know how much I love to see the munchkins but those pix were astounding. The way you got colored ones, sepia toned ones and black and white ones. Such a vintage look to some of them. It DOES look like they had a ball for the most part. We love going over to the coast! Especially in winter when most people don't go and it's nice and quiet walking on the beach, honey. The kids are dolls in those pix!!!!!!!!
xoxo to them,

Kristi M. said...

I love the primate stare down picture. So cute. What a great primate. I love the coast. I have an aunt and uncle that live in Yachats and own a beach house in Waldport, only 30 min south of Newport. We used to go every 4th of July when we were younger until everyones familygot too big. We hope to plan a trip there next year when things settle down a bit. The aquarium there is really fun! Glad you were able to go. The tide pools in that area are also so neat to see for the next time around.

Todd and Amyjoy said...

Great pictures. Okay we have OUR trip scheduled and I want to do all the things that you talked about. It looks so fun. Check out our spring break blog soon.


Amber H. said...

Mandy, your pictures are awesome! I love all of them. I'm so glad you got to go on your trip, even with the kids being sick at first. It sounds like you had so much fun! Thanks for advertising my website too, you are a great friend! :O)

twinzmama said...

I am glad you had so much fun, you are so brave taking your kids on great vacations! (We still think Rexburg is a long ways!) Thanks for sharing your great pics too.

mom2kylonna said...

Sounds like a BLAST! Glad you were able to get away. I love the pictures! You have such a cute little family! Love ya!

Amber H. said...

So I was just looking through your pictures again and I'm thinking, what does she need me for? You already take amazing pictures! I am so in love with the one where they are looking through the binocular thing at the ocean, the one with your kids chasing the seagull, and the b&w where your little guy is burying his dolphin. They are so artistic! If I was you, I would totally go online and order HUGE pictures of them ( is an awesome sight and you can order pretty much any shape and size you want), buy (or make) frames to match, and hang them around your house. They are timeless and so precious! Good job again :o)

Collin & Elizabeth said...

Bummer the kids were sick. Looks like vacation was great! Love all the pictures. You took some great ones! Your kids have grown up so much. Love you guys!

Stacey said...

Oh, it's like going back home for me! There are so many fun things to do there and the green, the GREEN... I miss it so much.

Sorry to hear the kiddos were under the weather, and I'm not just talking about that overcast coastal sky!

Looks like you have a really good time and a great way to spend spring break.


Emily said...

I love your pictures! They look amazing! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing.

DougandSheilah said...

Finally made it to your site. Cute family.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

All the pics are great...the kids are too cute! Glad you had a good trip!

Tammy said...

What wonderful pictures Mandy!!
Your children are gorgeous and the little ones, well, are not so little anymore!!

Beautiful family and I agree there can never be a "quick trip" to Ikea ;-). TAKE CARE!!

Karyn Mann said...

This looks like such a great trip! Your kids are all so cute- and what great memories you are creating for them!
BTW, I am so glad to hear of our mutual love for Samoas. I totally remember selling them together in the old Rexburg days of girl scouts. Those were simplier times.... :)

Beth said...

Beautiful photos! I found you through Crazy Mom Quilts. I also have twins (and another girl, 20 mos.) - but my girls are almost 4 y.o. They are so much fun.