Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a fun Halloween this year. I stayed home with Wilbur and Charlotte, my sister Gina took Woody and Buzz trick-or-treating, and Tony took the princess, the turtle and the zombie/ninja/wizard/parachute pants-er out to torment the town. Julius brought home nearly 200 pieces of candy!

The three big kids also had fun at school dressing up for the parade and having class parties.

Tony, once again pulled off an impressive Steve Urkel and won third place. Didn't get a picture of him, darn!

My favorite costume of the night was the little boy who knocked on our door with green hair and green balloons pinned all over him. He was GRAPES!

Edited to add: The cute blonde girl up above in orange is my adorable sister Gina.


Kandi said...

Mandy, your family just keeps getting more beautiful. Thank you for sharing your great photos!

P.S. Love the 2-5 month photos of little Charlotte. :)

simplycreating said...

Wow Charlotte's blessing dress is beautiful. And I'm impressed with the Halloween costumes. I could barely pull something together for my three kids. Thanks for posting an update, your kids are so cute! Have a great day. Oh and I did a post on how to make those pumpkins for you!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

What a beautiful bunch of kiddos :)! I feel like we should be neighbors, don't you?? :)

Emily said...

Adorable pictures! I have enjoyed being Braeden's primary teacher. He is such a great kid! :)

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