Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome to February

Not much going on around here... Last Sunday the Steelers celebrated my birthday by winning the superbowl. YAY Pittsburgh!
Plus, I had chocolate cake...what could be better? How about the red tulips my sister's brought me? Yep, they definitely brightened up my week. I had a great birthday - lots of new friends stopped by, family and friends called, I was serenaded all morning by the three kiddos who are old enough to sing, Tony gave me some fun new toys for the kitchen, I got 33 birthday kisses from Julius,....did I mention the chocolate cake???
I LOVE February! Next weekend we'll celebrate V-Day and our 7 year anniversary. It's a busy short month - but a great one.

We started out this week with 5 healthy children for a change.... ahhh. But now 5 out of 7 of us are sick. It's just how things go. The kids were starting to get a little cabin fever so Tony brought home a little surprise for them yesterday.
He found these fun bubble wands at WalMart yesterday for $1 each...they had so much fun with them!
Great thinking Daddy!
Hope the rest of you are enjoying a beautiful February weekend....


Stacey said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Honesstly, I was root'n for AZ. So close there at the end...

New kitchen gadgets? Oooh, those are nice. I just discovered the apple slicer/corer thing that you just push down. Needless to say we've been going through apples left and right. You'll have to tell us what your favorite is!

Bubbles! I remember the kiddos loving bubbles in nursery! Dave would specifically shop for batteries just for the occasion. (The bubble machine ate them just as fast as I do with chocolate!) Glad the inversion is gone and you can actually see them float of into the wild blue yonder.

Fantastic February!


Kristi M. said...

Happy Late Birthday!! what a fun month. I love those last two pictures. I love the composition of the last the best. Great!

The Blaisdell Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mandy! Sounds like a great time, minus everyone pretty much being sick now:( Hope all that goes away soon!

Love the bubble pictures, especially the third one. It's a good picture of a day in the life of a kid. Love it!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

Happy birthday Mandy! I am glad your hubby and kids made it so special for you!
We recorded the super bowl to watch later and ended up hearing the score before we could watch it so that took the fun out of it and we ended up not watching it. Boo!

Sally said...

Isn't it amazing how magical bubbles are?

Glad the Steelers got you the gift you wanted. :)

Holly said...

Cute pictures Mandy. Sorry you guys are sick. Let me know if you need anything!