Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day

When you have a missionary in the family Mother's Day takes on a whole new's not really about mom anymore. It's about the PHONE CALL. My mom and Granny decided to come visit those of us on the western side of the state last weekend...So on Sunday afternoon we all gathered at my house to make the long awaited PHONE CALL. Amos was the only sibling not there so he called mom's cell phone and listened to our visit with Sam that way.
It was so nice to hear Sam's voice and to hear how he's doing in Brazil. He's the only one in our immediate family to serve a mission outside of the US (so far...) and the process of talking to him was different from the others. We were only supposed to talk for 40 mins - but I think we were on the phone for nearly 2 hours. We put the phone on speaker phone and just listened to him chatting away.

This is Grant and Braeden...we tried to keep them occupied outside because they were so noisy!
Afterwards we did celebrate Mother's Day with a small BBQ and some super yummy Key Lime Cheesecake from COSTCO (you've gotta try it!) The grandkids also treated Grammy and great Granny to foot rubs.
It was nice to have them here - even though it wasn't long enough! Hope you come again soon...


Camille said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Sounds like an expensive phone call! I hope rates have changed. Back about 8 years ago or so my nephew was serving in Brazil and after one of these calls they ended up with a $600 phone bill. Yikes!

Holly said...

Hi Mandy it was lots of fun thanks for having us over, I love you so much

ahalversen (DBA) said...

How fun Mandy! And I have to say, it's so fun to see pictures of your house! I love the bold pops of color everywhere, and those curtains are great! When I was in college I waited for a missionary and this one brought back memories of sitting around his parent's house all day waiting for him to call! I'm glad you had a good day!