Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Last monday for Family Home Evening we set up and decorated our Christmas tree. I let the kids do all the decorating and then after they went to sleep I spread the ornaments around a little ;-). We still need to put up our outside decorations and then we will be done.

Our kittens are just about ready to go to homes. I am SO ready to give them away. Fiona has decided that the ONLY appropriate spot for them is under the bed on MY side....augh! They are wandering free now and so everytime I get out of bed I worry that I'll step on a kitten! So... who wants a kitten for Christmas??? Please!


Kristi said...

Super cute kittens! Hopefully they will find homes soon.

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Mandy, I love the soft pictures with the kids decorating the tree...the lights look like they are glowing so bright. It looks pretty! I totally want the blue eyed kitty for Christmas! It looks adorable! Good luck getting rid of them. Maybe you should take them in a box and stand outside of Wal Mart. People do it here all the time and it takes about 5 minutes before they are gone! Especially if you put little bows around their necks and put a sign up that says "Kittens for Christmas!"

Bigtex_in_idaho said...

MAndy I love them! I can't wait to come get one. : )