Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Day At The Park

I took the kids to the park across the street last week...now that the weather is cooler we'll have to go more often. They had a lot of fun. I was surprised when Braeden and Bronwyn wanted to swing on the "big kid" swings. They did really well - I didn't push them too high though! It's funny because this spring they both screamed when I pushed them in the baby swings...go figure?!? Julius is really into climbing - I'm amazed at how brave they all are.


ahalversen (DBA) said...

I love the park. Especially now that my kids are old enough to play on everything by themselves...except for the swings of course! But yes, I'm glad it's been cooling down a bit for us too. We'll have to make more trips there! How fun for you to scrapbook these pictures!

Kristi said...

Your kids are just the cutest things and so funny in person!

Holly said...

They are beautiful babies. When can I babysit for you?